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The High Altitude Summer Marathon is a challenging marathon through the prestine Maluti Mountains in the Kingdom of Lesotho, and is held annually in summer at the end of each year.

Set at an altitude of 3000 metres above sea level, the marathon offers a unique opportunity to literally take your breath away.


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Marathon Rules

1. Age must be verified by authorized passport.
2. Athletes do not need to belong to a club to participate.
3. Athletes shall fill in the entry form and pay the required entry fee.
4. Athletes shall wear the supplied and approved number on the back and front of the running vest.
5. All athletes shall comply with IAAF and LAAA rules and protests shall be dealt with as provided for in those rules.
6. Only athletes aged 20 years and upwards shall participate in the full marathon.
7. Only athletes aged 18 years and upwards shall participate in the half marathon.